Magazine site: www.voicesdelaluna.com

Mission Statement:

Voices de la Luna publishes a quarterly poetry and arts magazine in four formats focusing on writers and artists of South Texas. The organization is committed to use its leverage to inspire the youth, promote poetry and arts through their involvement, and use the magazine as a platform for all poets and artists to share their work with others; and it is dedicated to use poetry and arts both for educational and healing purposes in the communities.

Statement of Purpose: 

Voices de la Luna: A Quarterly Poetry and Arts Magazine publishes the magazine in four formats: Hardcopy, Webpage, eMagazine, and the digital reader since 2008.

Poetry and arts contributions are solicited through poetry and arts therapy workshops with at-risk populations e.g. adult and youth inmates in correctional institutions, families of wounded soldiers, and youth with identified mental problems in area high schools and community colleges.

 Voices de la Luna staff uses poetry and prose instruction such as journaling at high schools, community colleges, and immigrant support organizations to enhance communication skills and self-awareness in preparation for assimilation into the general society.

 Voices de la Luna uses video and graphic arts to reach underprivileged sectors of society and help them find self expression through alternative media.


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