Voices welcomes the new issue, Volume 6, Number 4

voices 15 jul issue


SA Poet Source for the Public and the Poet

Dr.%20Carmen%20Tafolla-2SA PoetSource was developed by San Antonio’s inaugural Poet Laureate, Dr. Carmen Tafolla, as part of her Signature Series of Initiatives. The website, created and developed in partnership with the San Antonio Department of Culture and Creative Development, operates as a point of convergence for the poets and public of San Antonio. As a tool SA PoetSource provides an avenue through which Poets can not only gain greater exposure and accessibility, but can also further establish distinct and direct interaction with the local public. Individuals, schools, and community organizations, through the website, can search for accomplished local poets according to the readings, workshops and performances each artist offers. The website separates poets into various subcategories based on the type of event and other specialties offered by the poets as well as the age of audience, allowing for quick and specific perusal. SA PoetSource is an effective conduit for promoting literacy in San Antonio through poetry and the literary arts — a preeminent goal of Dr. Carmen Tafolla’s. For access to SA PoetSource see the following website http://www.sapoetsource.com or click the badge below.

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